1. How can I join?

We are a non-auditioned ensemble and we take players of all skill levels and backgrounds, but our focus is for the C-flute or flute traversière. If you are interested in being a part of our group, we ask that you please send us an email with your name and your year of study.

We also ask that every member to own or have access to their own flute as we are unfortunately unable to supply instruments.

2. I’m not that good on the flute and/or I haven’t played for a long time. Would it still be all right for me to join?

Absolutely! We welcome any and all flautists who are interested in being a part of our group. Whether you have a months or years of experience, we would love to have you.

3. I play another instrument in addition to the flute. Would there be any opportunity for me to play that instrument with this group?

We are a flute choir so the flute will be the main instrument of focus. However, we do have pieces that may call for . Whenever possible, we will also try our best to accommodate the additional talents of our members and find opportunities to collaborate with other instruments.

In the past, we have performed with piano, guitar, and strings for various pieces.

*If you also play piccolo/alto flute/bass flute, we will definitely ensure that you will get the chance to play those instruments if you so wish.

4. When do rehearsals take place?

Regular rehearsals are every Monday and Wednesday, with attendance for the respective day being dependent on your commitment level and playing objectives.

Monday rehearsals take place in UCU 207 from 5:30pm-7:00pm and are geared towards members who are able to make a strong commitment to the group and putting on more performances besides the standard semester-end concert.

Wednesday rehearsals take place in Perez 407 from 6:00pm-8:00pm. This rehearsal focuses more exclusively on improving skills and techniques as a flautist and we have the good fortune of having a talented student majoring in flute performance from uOttawa’s School of Music assist in leading the group.

Members are welcome to attend both rehearsal days based on your availability. However, we please ask that you keep in mind that rehearsals on Monday will demand a higher level of commitment as there are more performances to prepare for.

5. Is it mandatory that I attend every rehearsal?

We ask that everyone try and be vigilant in attending rehearsals. This helps us with planning and is just a general courtesy to everyone in the ensemble. However, things do come up and flute choir cannot always take precedence; thus, if you do need to miss rehearsal, please give us at least 24 hours notice.

If you are missing a significant number of rehearsals and it is hindering the progress and performance of the group, we will take note of this and take appropriate action as necessary.

6. What types of music do you play?

We try and cater to all musical tastes and play a diverse selection of repertoire. The choice of music is dependent on the overall skill level of the group but members’ preferences are also taken into consideration.

We are open to suggestions and it’d be especially helpful if your proposal is accompanied with a method of obtaining the music (whether it would be something to be ordered online or in store).

In the past, we have played classical tunes such as the Tchaikovsky’s Garland Waltz to Celtic tunes such as Catherine McMichael’s Loch Solas to more contemporary tunes like The Sound of Music.

7. Is there a fee involved to join?

There is currently no fee to join the flute choir. However, every member must have their own instrument or access to an instrument for the duration of their membership.